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Engineering Education Australia Reporting, Skill assessment, Attendance and Dashboard LTI

      Reporting and measuring learners progress is a vital part of getting the desired learning outcome from students. For Engineering Education Australia we have specific metrics to measure learners progress which data point cannot be directly accessible by the Canvas Learning Management System which Engineering Education Australia uses, so to solve this unique requirement we have partnered with Engineering Education Australia and Skills Leap Australia to come up with the below reports and dashboards that integrates SalesForce CRM system and Canvas LMS through API and provide the integrated solution using the LTI application.

      Below screenshots represents how EEA LTI application looks like in a public page as well as in LMS .

Development Goals Dashboard

      Each student has to complete certain assesments to get the goal points, then the points will be used to calculate goals for each students.

Skill Area Bar View

Goals Individual View

Attendance Module

      The attendance currently measured into two diffrent ways, one is students will recieve unique link via salesforce CRM and students mark their attendance. Another way the teacher can manually enter the students attendance informations.

Attendance View

Managing Workshops

Creating a Workshop

Creating a Live Webinar

Interface for Teacher To Enter Attendance Information

Checking Link For Students

Creating a webinar session

Editing a workshop

E-learning Completion

     E-learning completion dashboard is used to measure the course progress.

What is e-learning completion?

E-learning Completion Progress

Participant Survey

      Participant survey is used to get periodic feedbacks from learners.

What is participant survey?

Participant Survey View

Filter Survey Based On Sections

Survey Configuration page

Survey Description

Overall Report In PDF Format

      Finally the overall report can be generated in the pdf format.

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