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LTI version: v1.1 Supported platform: Canvas LMS Pricing: Free

In LMS, enrollment validity refers to the period of time during which a student has access to the course or program materials and can participate in the class activities.

This process involves assigning student's to a specific course and providing them with access to the course materials and resources.

During this time, the student is considered to be enrolled in the course and has access to the course content, assignments, quizzes and other materials.

The instructor can set reminder and the student's will get notified through email according to the reminder set by the instructor.

Once the enrollment validity period is over, the student's access to the course content is usually ended and they may no longer participate in the class.

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How it works

Creating credentials

    Sign up and generate the LTI credentials.

    Note: It can be done by teacher or account admin.

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    Generated credentials will be displayed at first.

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Integration with Canvas LMS

    Copy the XML configuration file.Paste the file in course settings to validate the app to LMS.

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Authorizing app

    Authorize the Sublime Enrollment Validity App in LMS.

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Provide Validity Details

    The Instructor or Admin can set validity days for student's and sections. Validity days refer to the period of time during which a particular course is considered valid.

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    Select the section, validity days and enrollment type.

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    Reminder days are the number of days before the expiration of a course and a notification is sent. It helps ensure that important tasks are not forgotten by the student's.

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