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LTI version: v1.1 Supported platform: Canvas LMS Pricing: Free

Leaderboard is an amazing gamification tool which tracks student performance in the course.

The Sublime Leaderboard tracks student performance and grades against the class of students and prepares a ranking for each student.

Once the ranking is generated the leaderboard shows the students in the ranking order the ones who score high will be on the top.

There are automated scores like submitting assignments on time, scores and attendance will be automatically calculated by the system. The teachers also can award manual points to the students who perform well in the class.

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How it works

Creating credentials

    Sign up and generate the LTI credentials.

    Note: It can be done by teacher or account admin.

    Creating Credential Image

    Generated credentials will be displayed at first.

    Creating Credential Image

Integration with Canvas LMS

    Copy the XML configuration file.Paste the file in course settings to validate the app to LMS.

    Integration LMS
    Integration LMS

Authorizing app

    Authorize the Sublime Enrollment Validity App in LMS.

    Authorizing app


    Leaderboard has been displayed by the student score and the scores are calculated by the participation of them in assignments, modules, quizzes etc.

    Authorizing app