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LTI version: v1.1 Supported platform: Canvas LMS Pricing: Free

Referral is a vital part of any business, In the eLearning industry student referring is considered one of the significant channels of generating Leads.

Sublime Referral System is specially designed for the eLearning industry where students can refer new students from their courses and teachers can track or automate the referral process.

The referral system can generate coupon codes using which you can give special discounts for the students.

In the admin dashboard we are able to see the full details of the students' referrals and related information.

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How it works

Creating credentials

    1. Sign up and generate the LTI credentials.

    Note: It can be done by teacher or account admin.

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    2. Generated credentials will be displayed at first.

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Adding app to LMS

    3. Adding the Sublime Referral App to LMS.

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    adding app Image
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Authorizing app

    4. Authorize the Sublime Referral App in LMS.

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    5. Configure app's Invite, Enroll point and Invite url.

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    6. Invite url will be displayed in email.

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Getting points from referral

    7. Student Invite someone, referral email sent to the referee.

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    8. Referee receives the email and clicks the Invite URL and gets enrolled.

    9. Referrer gets the Enrollment point, once the referee gets enrolled in the course

    Note: Enrollment points refreshed every one hour.

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Redeeming earned points

    10. Teacher can redeem points after giving discount on fee or some other bonus for referrer and teacher can redeem the point in the Sublime Referral System

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    11. Teacher redeems

    redeem 2 Image

    12. Student's points get reduced

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