UNIRAZAK'S Artificial Intelligence Assistant and Dashboard LTI

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UNIRAZAK'S Artificial Intelligence Assistant LTI Application

      UNIRAZAK'S Artificial Intelligence Assistant Application is used to help learning the institution plans and executes effective communication strategy to assist the students to complete their course module on time and to help personalize their learning experience.


      The admin dashboard provides visibility of user-behavior patterns across an organization. It has the ability to set key performance indicators, to have an ad-hoc views of the data, to schedule frequency and time of report on insights and updates etc..


Workflow builder

      Workflow builder is a brand-new visual tool that allows admin to automate the routine functions by creating workflows. The administrator can program workflows to do a specific action.

Workflow Manual Trigger

      A manual workflow trigger can be triggered by a user while creating or editing a record that can be configured through a workflow rule.

Workflow Details

      The admin can customize the workflow to communicate students through whatsapp, email, push notification, open a live chat with an administrator etc...

Resource View and Participations

      This feature helps the instructor to view the overall performance and also make sure the student knows that the undertaking task is important.

Student Progress

      Admin/Instructor can analyze the students progress made in a particular course.

All Course Progress

      Admin/Instructor can analyze the students progress who is enrolled in all the courses.

Course Progress and Completion

      Admin can analyze the students course progressions like how many successful enrollments on time, late & missing submissions in all courses which are marked under the term and sub account. Also they have an option to find each student's course progression details in it.

Student Progress Report

      Student progress report view is used to view the entire details of the student who is enrolled in a particular course.

Attendance Report

      This view shows the attendance report generated by a school.

Assesment Results

      Assessment result feature display the log of marks/grades earned by the student.

Class Shedule

      Admin/Instructor will schedule class times that maximize the chance for students to develop workable schedules in order to make progress towards degree.

Payment Shedule

      It is used to schedule & notify everyone about the date and amount of payment to be made.

User Logging

      This option is to view each students entire logging details briefly like when they logged in & out with LMS.

Time Logging

      Time logging is used to track the students activities on LMS, it shows the frequency of student's total login and logout information.


Teval Rating

      This is used to measure the overall performance.

Learner Satisfaction Rating

      This help the learner to pinpoint their strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Lecturer Rating

      The lecturer give rating according to the survey they have taken in that particular period.

CSV Upload

      Admin can update the users information in bulk such as phone number, payment information using this CSV upload option.


      A chatbot is designed to work without the assistance of a human operator.

Live Chat

      Live chat and chatbots work together to provide a high-quality user support .

Help Center

      A Help Center is a place where customers can find answers to their questions and get solution to their problems.

Live Chat Admin

      Live chat support is a way for student's to have real-time, back-and-forth conversations with admin/instructor and their support team members.

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