Axon Education Student Application LTI

      It is a custom standalone LTI application. It is very useful for the admin to get updated about the student details.

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Students admission details

      The Axon student application form is a comprehensive document designed to gather essential information from prospective students. It covers personal details, academic history, and contact information, ensuring a thorough assessment of applicants. Accurate completion and timely submission of this form are crucial for a successful application process at Axon

Students application in student page

Students application in student page


Received the student application in admin page

     Upon receiving the student application in administration, we will review it meticulously to ensure all required information is complete and accurate. Your timely submission is appreciated, and you will be contacted for any further steps in the process.

All applications have been received at the admin page

Pending applications

Selected student application at the admin Page

Admin page

      The admin user can create programs, update application content, and modify support content, facilitating efficient management and maintenance of the platform.

Create programs in admin page

Update application content page

Update support content page

Manage user page in admin page


Student dashboard page

 The student application on the home page offers easy access to academic tools and services, enabling students to manage courses, check grades, and access important resources.

Student dashboard page with activity log page

Student profile page

Application received page

Requirement details page

Document uploading page

Document uploading page

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