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Data Warehouse LTI Application

      It is a custom standalone LTI application. It is very useful for the admin to get updated about the student details.

Axon LTI Integration

     This flowchart explains how our Data Warehouse LTI works.

  • A Contact is created in ZOHO CRM.
  • Check whether the user already exists in Auth0 / create user in Auth0.
  • The Auth0 user created will be updated back to ZOHO CRM Contact.
  • User is created in LMS and enrolled in a course.
  • When any course submission done by a student in LMS the information will be stored in our data warehouse application through AWS SQS.
  • When user is created in the CRM custom module it gets triggered to our LTI through webhook.
  • It also gets triggered to our LTI even when the user detail is modified in the custom module
  • LTI calculate the student score and update back to ZOHO custom module and also update the information in the database.
  • Overall our application feature is, when student details get created / updated in ZOHO CRM, our Data Warehouse LTI will calculate the student detail and update       in ZOHO custom module in fraction of seconds. The Auth0, LMS, ZOHO CRM details will be stored in our database like warehouse.
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