Col Campus Learning Management System

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Col Campus Learning Management System

      COL Campus is a dedicated online Learning Management System (LMS), changing the traditional classroom and style of teaching towards becoming more interactive, flexible and technology driven. Through its compatibility with certain Student Information Systems, COL Campus modernises your systems, helping you to keep up-to-date with new learning strategies and move towards a paperless campus.

      COL Campus makes use of integrated tools to promote the exchange of learning and assessment content, whether for face-to-face or distance learning. The comprehensive grading and feedback features encourage fast and effective assessment turn-around times, while the rubric functionality encourages detailed feedback against pre-determined marking criteria. COL Campus includes a learning outcomes tool that assists you with maintaining your accreditation requirements. Set, track and monitor your learning outcomes in conjunction with your assessments.

Below screenshots represents how Col Campus LMS project looks like in a public page as well as in LMS .


      Mobility as a service is a type of service that, through a joint digital channel, enables users to plan, book, and pay for multiple types of mobility services.It work based on the company and their branches.

Create New Company

Employer Company

Company Branches

Maas Student Details

Maas Courses

Include Course Into Maas

Edit Course


Allocate Mentor Into Maas

Branch Mentors

Edit Mentor Allocation

Mentor App

Mentor Dashboard

Mentor Students

Task For Students

Mass Alert

Alert Features

Alert Types

Maas Logs

Exam Booking System

List Exam Shedule

New Exam Shedule


Grade Export Report

Student Access Report

Participation Report

Attendance System

Assignment Override

Student Course Progress In Dashboard

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