How to find a suitable E-learning platform?

27 Jan 2022

There are Colleges, Online teaching start-up, Traditional institution, Subject matter expert or Corporate Etc., looking for your first own learning Management System (LMS).

Lets cover different features required by different types of audiences,

  • Single Sign On
  • Online conference
  • Content migration
  • Ability to sell courses
  • Student centric teaching
  • Intuitive learner experience
  • Student Information System Integration, Etc..,

We can choose a cloud hosted LMS or install a open source solutions , Lets discuss a brief about both options

Cloud Hosted

There is no need to worry about technology or managing the infrastructure, We can just focus on to deliver the learning contents and track student progress

Open source solutions

There are plenty of really good open source LMS out there, we can choose based on our business demand. In this case we need to take care of the infrastructure as well but its provides various advantages like easy data access for analytics and build custom features & capabilities to support the nature of the learning and teaching methodology.


We hope this information helpful, there is no need to stuck on traditional learning management systems while there are plenty of options there, please reach out to us to discuss more on this subject https://zionstar.sublimelms.com or book a consultation to discuss further.

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