NameDrop.io and Learning Management System Integration

02 Dec, 2022

1.What is NameDrop?

NameDrop.io is a cloud service which allows you to record your name and share it with the world.

It can already be integrated with Email Signature, Social Profiles, Personal Sites and blogs. Now learners include NameDrop.io in their profile, which is pretty cool.

2.How it works?

NameDrop is integrated in any learning management systems, it will appear in user navigation, account navigation and course navigation.

Here learners and instructors can able to record there name's pronunciation, it can be referred by admin or instructor.

It provides Admin interface for the account admin and course instructor, there the instructor or admin can able to here the learners name with correct pronunciation.

Below screenshots represents how NameDrop.io profile looks like in a public page as well as when its integrated with a Learning management system.

NameDrop.io profile page


LMS profile showing NameDrop.io (Common view)


LMS profile showing NameDrop.io (Admin or instructor have this view in additional)


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