Top 10 mistakes E-learning companies should avoid?

06 July 2022

Online learning platform is the easiest and powerful way to teach and learn new technologies without physical boundaries. Learning online is the best choice for serious learners who wanted to up-skill themselves.

When you start your own online teaching & Learning academy or choosing one to train your employees or taking your institution online, Making sure these 10 points will lead great customer satisfaction.

1.Choosing the right E-Learning Platform

There are two options available when it comes to choosing the best E-Learning platforms ,

  • Managed LMS / Software as a service (SaaS)
  • OpenSource LMS

Managed LMS / Software as a service (SaaS)

This option you don't need to do build the logistics part of platform just signup and use the system, It will be a quick and easiest way to start the platform, there are many platforms like https://sublimelms.com, https://www.talentlms.com , https://www.instructure.com/canvas, Moodle lms, Etc., you can signup and start using in minutes.

OpenSource LMS

The OpenSource option there are plenty of options available better options in my opinion are Canvas LMS, OpenEdx, Moodle LMS, Etc.,

In this case you need to Install and Maintain the LMS and Its Infrastructure.

For more information please refer this blog post How to find a suitable E-learning platform

2.Content presentation

Really good and visually appealing content presentation will motivate students to engage more with the curriculum, It can be achieved by organising the content properly and instead of creating plain contents you can use H5P interactive contents to create visually appealing courses.

In terms of assessments, Planning the assessments way ahead of time at least two months prior will give students time to attend the assessment on time.

Most of Learning management system will have notification mechanism which will send notifications before due date.


Keep students motivated is the key to engage students more in learning online. We can implement gamification techniques like below,

  • Certification
  • Leaderboard
  • Badges
  • Point system


It's crucial to track student performance by building or using intelligent dashboards which cal tell where the students stand in different course progress. Individual course level as well organisation level tracking and reporting student progress will improve organisation success and student success.

5.Student centric teaching

The courses should not just a repository for the contents you place without giving a thought. The contents should be delivered based on the student progress, If the student lagging behind other students we must provide different contents rather than everyone gets same contents, Some student which requires additional support we need to provide more care and support, Mainly the E-Learning platform should facilitate this.

6.Student Information system

The Learning Management Systems generally provide a platform for teaching and learning. Student onboarding, payments, exam informations and other details will be handled by the student information system, So having the proper SIS system will help students to see all the details online.

7.Referral system

Referral system is the easiest way to get new customer in to any platform, In E-Learning platform also having the referral and reward system will motivate students to refer others to your platform.

8.Support desk for learners

When student on boarded there should be a place where students can communicate their difficulties and doubts and keep track of them.

Support ticketing is one of the easiest way to get your student queries and answering them on a timely manner.

9.Power your LMS using LTI apps

LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) is a standard which is created by IMS Global using this you can integrate plug play applications with-in your E-Learning platform.

As long your LMS has LTI complaint, you can use the apps, some of the apps are free of use some of them are paid. You can checkout the list of LTI apps here https://lti.sublimelms.com or https://www.eduappcenter.com

10.Infrastructure maintenance

Last but not least, "This website is under heavy load" or "We're sorry, but something went wrong" this is not the students / customers signed up for.

To make sure your E-Learning platform is always up and scale when many students are try to log-in at once the infrastructure should handle the load, for that you have to do proper periodic maintenance, setup a scalable architecture and somebody monitor the systems.

Have proper DevOps teams for handle the E-Learning Infrastructure.

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