Huddle Up LTI Integration

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Huddle up Learning

    Huddle Up Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive educational solution designed to streamline and enhance the learning experience. Our platform offers a range of features, including course creation, content management, assessment tools, and robust analytics.

    With Huddle Up LMS, educators can easily design and deliver engaging courses, while students benefit from a user-friendly interface, collaborative tools, and a personalized learning journey. Our system fosters interaction, discussion, and teamwork, ensuring an active and supportive learning environment. Huddle Up LMS is perfect for institutions, businesses, and individual instructors looking to facilitate efficient, effective, and engaging education. Join us in revolutionizing the way you teach, learn, and succeed in your educational pursuits

Below screenshots represents how Huddle up LMS project looks like in a public page as well as in LMS .

Huddle up LTI create new course

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Huddle up LTI launch

Create new section

Adding new modules

Adding section

Create modules in LTI

 Define your module content and structure within HuddleUp, specifying topics, lessons, or units. Use the HuddleUp LTI integration to connect your modules with external LTI-compliant tools or resources, allowing seamless access to content and interactive learning experiences within your HuddleUp platform

Draft in LTI

Course adding

LTI modules



Modules item

Course in LTI

Edit section

Modules list

Course details

Course status

      Log in to your HuddleUp account and navigate to the specific course you want to check. Look for a "Course Status" or "Progress" section, which typically displays details such as completion percentage, grades, or the progress of individual students in the course.

Modules unpublished

Course unpublished

Course publish details

      Log in to your HuddleUp account as an instructor or administrator. Go to the course management section or dashboard, where you'll typically find an option or tab for "Course Settings" or "Course Details." Here, you can check the status of course publishing, including whether it's published, the publishing date, and visibility options.

Course detail pages

Course detail

Course modules item

Users details


Users access dashboard

View Course

Course published in huddle up

      Log in to your HuddleUp account as an instructor or administrator. Navigate to the course you want to publish, and within the course settings or options, look for a "Publish" or "Make Course Public" button. Click it to publish the course, making it accessible to enrolled students.

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